Minibeast Madness!

Our new Reception topic ‘Minibeast Madness’ launched last week with a performance from Miss Dyke showing the process of metamorphosis, specifically a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The children watched in awe and were then excited to get learning all about bugs and lifecycles!

Over the past week the children have enjoyed learning about minibeasts in their independent learning time. This has included being scientists in Discovery World and observing live cockroaches and locusts. Which some children have then chosen to write and draw about fantastically. They have also had the chance to make a minibeast home in Building world. They showed excellent creativity creating homes fit for specific bug needs.

In indoor learning the children have enjoyed creating narratives in the Minibeast lab, where they have been scientists exploring, observing and learning about different creatures. They have also shown excellent fine motor skills to free the bugs from the mud! On outdoor learning the children have been particularly busy going on minibeast hunts with magnifying glasses! They have taken hunt sheets and gone off to see what they can find. Some children have even drawn on extra animals which were not on the original sheet, great work!

As part of this topic the children are also observing their class caterpillars. They are currently in the growing stage and we are waiting for them to grow taller so that they will form a chrysalis. The children have done an excellent job of ordering the butterfly lifecycle, and even writing about it! Great work Reception!