Winton Win!

Recently Winton’s Year 4 Tri-Golf team competed in the annual “Big  Swing” golf competition at Dean Park. Hosted by Park School 16 teams entered the competition and each team had to score points by either chipping or putting over or through targets. Winton had a team of 10 players (5 girls, 5 boys) who raced rapidly after each shot to get back to their tees quickly, yet also showed a good deal of control with the quality of their chipping and putting to both short and long targets. It was with great delight that after 8 different golf events that Winton’s points total was the highest and therefore they took “The Big Swing’ trophy for 2019. Well done to everyone involved. The team have now qualified for the Dorset County Golf finals at Bryanston school on Weds June 19th.