Topic Launch in 2SM

Last week Year Two launched their exciting geography topic: Around the World in 8 (tea) dishes. On Wednesday the whole year group visited each of the classrooms to learn about Mexico, Italy, Turkey and India. They discussed the location, people, climate, animals, famous landmarks and food of each country and coloured a flag. By the end of the afternoon the children were proud owners of four flags (one is on the reverse side).

2SM are focusing on India during the project which will lead to an amazing around the world banquet. First the children looked at lots of photos and discussed the materials and colours that are used to make the traditional shalwer-kameez. Next they compared the male and female versions and found that the colours can be quite different. Mr Magrath bought in his shalwer-kameez and lots of the children tried it on. They were surprised that it didn’t fit!

Lastly everyone chose two colour schemes and coloured a male and female figure in their wedding outfits.

Fantastic work 2SM!