Longdown Farm

As the landing of our ‘Animal Antics’ topic last week Cherry and Plum visited the farm. Prior to the trip the children were extremely excited to go and see the animals they had been learning about, and also to tell the farmer all the information they had learnt throughout the topic.



As we arrived the children found out that they were going to be farmers for the day! Their first job was to hold the chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits. All the children were caring and calm with the animals, even though one of the guinea pigs decided to go up someone’s jumper! Their next job was to feed the calves, they were very hungry! The children gave them a bottle full of milk and water.

After that, the children came across a very hungry horse named Chester! He was so tall we had to reach up into the sky to give him a carrot. Later, the children were told the guinea pigs hadn’t been fed. So they decided to feed the guinea pigs some carrot… on a fishing rod! The children had to be very strong as the guinea pigs liked to pull the fishing rod into their pen.

Next it was time to feed the large goats and then the kids. They enjoyed eating some food and having some more milk.

Our last job of the day was to collect the eggs for the farmer. We reached into the chicken coop and each found an egg. Plum class even found a ginormous egg, which we think was laid by a goose! We then carefully gave these to the farmer to sell in his shop. The children were also extremely proud to hand over the fact book to the farmer which they had been making at school.

After a quick lunch we then had time to explore our favourite animals we had seen, including the pigs and llamas, before getting the coach back to school. What an excellent day full of lots of education and fun!