Down at the Farm!

Last week Reception went to Longdown Dairy Farm, on Wednesday it was the turn of the Apple and Pear class. We have been learning lots in class about the animals that we might see, and have made some great fact cards that we turned into a book, to give to the farm on our trip. 

We started the day with a very long coach journey, all the way to Ashurst, where we met our farmers for the day. They told us all about how we need to stay safe on the farm, and that they had a lot of jobs for us to be getting on with. We started the morning, by seeing lots of the smaller animals, some of them being only 6 days old. 

We held some chicks and some guinea pigs, all were very wiggly, we had to hold onto them very tightly. 

We then went to see some more baby animals, but some that were much bigger. We fed the calves, using bottles of milk, we had to hold them very tightly because they liked to pull the bottles to take them into their enclosure. 

We then went to feed the baby goats, they also had milk, and the adult goats liked to eat their food from a plate. They were also very cheeky, tugging them from our hands, we did lose a few of our plates through the bars. 

We finished off our day, going into the hen house and collecting all of the eggs, we were very careful, holding them with both hands so that we didn’t drop them. We then had to take them to the farm shop so that they could be sold. We had such a brilliant time and the children were a credit to our school, we had a wonderful time being farmers for the day!