Recently, Year 6 have been creating their own creatures! Using their imagination and a sizable portion of prior and current learning about Charles Darwin and his expeditions to the Galapagos Islands – the children have come up with designs for a super creature! Firstly, each class was given an overview of evolution in which many of them were shocked to discover that we may be the descendants of hairy primates. Discussions were had regarding how said primates had changed (evolved) and also adapted to survive in their specific environment. This led on to learning about Darwin’s “survival of the fittest.” After this, each class was given a particular biome to research such as: Ice and snow, jungle, desert and the oceans.  

Following this, the children had to create an image of their imaginative creature which could survive in the given environment. The next stage of the task was to create an info-text all about their creatures!                 

Year six did a great job using subordinate and embedded clauses to add extra information to their descriptions as well as using noun and expanded noun phrases to bring their creatures to life. There were certainly some interesting animals with very individual characteristics!