In Reception last week were doing lots of fantastic learning all about shapes. We recapped all of our work on 2D shapes and talked about how many sides and corners they have. We were really impressed with how much they remembered and we made a huge pile of each of the shapes, comparing whether they looked the same or different. 

We played ‘Kim’s game’, hiding the shape and counting the sides to see which one was missing when our teacher hid one. “It must be the triangle one missing because the one with 3 sides has gone,” Archie told me. 

We have then moved to naming 3D shapes, the children have learnt all about how many faces, vertices and edges each one has. We have also been talking about how they are made up of lots of other shapes. The children all took it in turns to describe a shape for their friends to guess. 

Annabel told the class, “My shape has a square at the bottom and some triangles that go into one point at the top,” the children all guessed a pyramid, were they right? 

Serge hid a cuboid and said, “It has 8 vertices and it is made up of 6 rectangles,” super describing from Apple class.