Busy bees in Reception

What a busy couple of weeks we have had in Reception. The children have come back to school refreshed from the half term break and ready to learn. Have a look at what they have been doing; We have recently put some laptops in the indoor learning area for the children to use independently. They are now able to use and apply the skills they learn with Mr Mitchell in Computing lessons in their own learning.

Here we are playing the game Unit the Robot, where you have to give instructions to make the robot move and collect apples and pop balloons. 

Every week there are different activities planned for indoor learning to develop childrens fine motor skills – getting their fingers moving! Here the children have to squeeze water into the circles (on the reverse of a bath mat!) with pipettes. They have to squeeze to get the water into the pipette and then again to get the water out! 

Pegboards are also a firm favourite in Reception. The children love making patterns with the pegs, without even realising they are developing their fine motor skills as well!

The children have also been engaged in measuring actvities, both inside and outside. Here the children have chosen to use the tape measure to find out how long the rug is. Super collaborative skills were also evident as the girls worked so well together. 

On outdoor learning we develop the children’s gross motor skills. Look at this little girl, not only is she successfully throwing a javelin through the hoop, but she is doing it whilst balancing on a wobble board! Wow!

The children also really enjoy using the mops outside. They are developing their gross motor skills and movements with their shoulders by painting the tough tray!

Alongside all this super independent learning we have also been thinking about our new topic all about animals. In Topic Talk we have been learning about habitats and what creatures live where. Here we have made a poster for our classrooms sorting animals into their habitats. 

Well done Reception, keep up the good work.