Visit to Sea City

What a wonderful time Year 2 had at the Sea City museum in Southampton!  It was an exciting end to the Titanic project Year 2 studied last half term.  It was quite along journey on a coach to get there but it was well worth it!

As the culmination to our ‘All Aboard the Titanic’ topic, Year 2 visited the Sea City museum, which is all about the Titantic and it’s fateful maiden voyage.

We started the day with Workshops where the children wowed the staff working there with their knowledge about the Titanic. 


We even got tpo dress up in some clothing of the time

Then we looked at artefacts, did a science experiement, smelt real life Titantic smells and decided who we should save on lifeboats.

Then we had a tour of the museum and learnt lots of new things like the Titanic nearly crashed into a boat called the New York on its way out of Southampton docks and that Captain Edward Smith had an Irish wolfhound called Ben. We also found out about some local stories of the people who travelled and worked on the Titantic.

Lunch was eagerly anticipated by all

After lunch we were able to go around the museum and take part in all the interactive activities such as dressing up, shovelling coal in the engine room, sending morse code messages and even steering the ship.

SeaCity was great and we loved our time there, although some of us were very tired on the way home.