Bog Baby!

On Monday Reception were surprised to find something strange in their playground! At first the children thought it might be a bird or on angel. But they soon found out it was a Bog Baby. The children read the story of the Bog Baby and have decided to learn more about Bog Baby and look after him for a while.

This week the children have learnt the talk for writing story of Bog Baby. They have put some great actions with the story to help them remember it. In the story, the Bog Baby is taken from a pond, therefore in topic we have been learning about different habitats. The children have loved talking about which animals live in a pond and have made a super pond collage. In building world, they have also enjoyed making a new home for the Bog Baby. Reception have also made some fantastic playdough Bog Babies.

In English the children have been thinking about what the Bog Baby looks like, feels like, where he lives and what he likes doing. The children have blasted adjectives around these before writing their own character description. The children have been working hard to remember their capital letters, finger spaces and full stops within their writing and using purple polishing to improve their writing. We think they have done a fantastic job!