When I grow up..

Reception have really loved this half term’s topic, “When I grew up”.  At the beginning of the term Reception found a suitcase containing lots of random items!  We realised the items were related to different occupations. Topsy and Tim then asked us if we could find out as much as we could about different occupations.

To help us we have had lots of visitors coming to see us and talk about their jobs. The nurse talked to us about keeping healthy, their different roles in the community and she even brought in some special soap to check we were washing our hands properly. The children also got to see some of the equipment they use such as, bandages, plasters and gloves.

We also had a fire engine come into the playground! The firefighters came to see us bringing their fire engine. They talked to us about all the different equipment needed on a fire engine and we even got to see the sirens and sit inside the fire engine.

Miss Dyke’s dad is lucky enough to be a F1 mechanic. We were really excited to see the real wheels from a racing car and a prototype racing car. He showed us videos of a race and talked us through his job.

A baker came in to see Reception. She showed us the ingredients she used to make her vegan cakes and also some pictures of special cakes she has made. We even got to try some!

Reception have really enjoyed having lots of visitors coming to see us, they have asked lots of interesting questions and learnt so much about different occupations. To show our appreciation the children have written some lovely thank you cards and we have posted them to our visitors.

As part as our landing the children got to dress up as what they want to be when they grew up, drawing inspiration from our topic. We loved seeing the children dressed up. It has been really lovely listening to the children discuss what they want to be when they grow up.