“Debatable-y Fun”!

Wow, what an exciting afternoon for Year 6! 

As part of our new topic launch – Parliament and making laws – year 6 were greeted by Mrs Sinclair straight after lunch to be informed of a new school law: all children need to stay at school until 4pm from now until SATs to complete the year 6 curriculum as not enough was being covered in lesson times.

The children were shocked and could not believe the change that was set to take place from that same day. Initially, children were concerned about their parents not knowing and coming along to pick them up for 3:20, before we ensured them that they had all received a phone call that morning – unbeknown to them that we were lying!

After a stunned silence in the small hall, children were led back to their classes where they were told they had the chance to “make a change” by devising plans and ideas to complete the curriculum in their own time, along with providing substantial lists as to why they shouldn’t have to stay. One child even created a petition to ensure that whoever signed it would complete extra homework every evening instead: be sure to ask your child’s teacher for your own photocopy to tackle those tough secondary school evenings!

After a very heated afternoon, with many minds buzzing and ideas being shared, the final products were presented to Mrs Sinclair where the outcome was reached: the children had won.

Each classroom was filled with fist punching and whoops as they heard the verdict. After being told that it had all been a hoax, the children were informed that it was their topic launch. It is safe to say that they are now all aware of the strategies to use when needing to fight their point… Parents, beware!