Crash landing!

This week something mysterious happened in the Reception playground… a rocket crashed! The children were so intrigued to find out where it had come from and whose rocket it was. So after investigating, and much speculation, the children found out that the rocket belonged to Q Pootle. We then read our new text, Q Pootle 5, and the children were so excited to learn all about how he got here.

As our new talk for writing text, the children will be immersed in our new story for the next few weeks. It was amazing to see that not long after we had come inside we already had some exciting writing about the Q Pootle rocket crash!

Over the next few weeks the children are going to experience hot-seating the character of Q Pootle, writing to him and even making a rocket booster to help him get back home! Please remember that parents are invited to come and join the children to help them make their Q Pootle rocket on the week beginning the 4th of February. If you have any questions please ask your class teacher.