Fire Fire!

In reception we have had a very exciting visitor, for our “When I Grow Up” topic, each day we have been learning about a new profession that the children could explore when they are older. We have had a great variety of guests come in to talk to us, from F1 Mechanics, to a dentist, and today we met some firefighters. 

They came to school today with their fire engine for us to have a look around. They showed us all the equipment on board and how they use them to help save people from fires, or rescue people in danger. They showed us how the hose works, and how they use different tools for different situations. We saw all of their uniform, looking at how it is made of a heat resistant material, and how it has reflective strips so firefighters can be seen at all times. 


We were even lucky enough to get inside of the Fire Engine. All of the fire fighters told us all about the buttons in the front of the cab, and how they do different things to help them at a fire. We also saw their clothes lined up ready to put on if they had to rush away to a fire. The fire fighters also showed us the siren and told us that if we see one, we need to move out of their way! 


We had a great time, and I am sure that we will have some firefighters among us!