Year 2 Titantic learning Launch

This week, as part of their Titanic learning launch, year 2 had an exciting day designing then testing junk modelling boats.

After a discussion about the intricacies of boat design and which materials are waterproof, everyone set to work planning their boats.

Some went for the single hull design while others chose a catamaran.

After lots of cutting, gluing and redesigning the children’s nautical creations were ready for the open seas!

Finally, the moment of truth had arrived. Which boats will float? The children gathered around excitedly and were amazed that most did!

On Thursday, the children had a very informative talk by a guest speaker from the RNLI. First they learnt what the letters stand for then everyone tried really hard to say the word Institution!

The children learnt that the RNLI was founded 195 years ago and there are 238 life boat stations all around the coast of the UK and Ireland. 

The main part of the talk was about spotting water safety hazards on a giant poster then learning how we can all be safer on the water.

At last it was time to dress up as a coxswain and a life guard and wear the big yellow boots!

Great listening Year 2.