Reception Church visit

The children in Reception had a lovely time visiting Victoria Park Methodist Church this week. The children were excited to hear the church had asked them to make decorations for the tree. The children chose to create stars, mini Christmas trees, candy canes and baubles! The children worked so hard to decorate their decorations as best they could so they would stand out on the tree. The teachers then went along to the church and decorated the tree in time for the children’s visit. The children loved seeing their hand made decorations on the tree and they even looked to see if they could spot their own! The feeling of pride amongst the children was wonderful. 

We then met the minister of the church. She enjoyed talking to the children about Christmas and how they were preparing for the celebration. Lots of the children told her that they had their Christmas tree up at home! We also discussed how we had decorated trees and made cards at school. She talked to the children about how Christians celebrate Christmas and the children enjoyed helping to re-tell the Christmas story, some super sitters were asked to help by placing the correct characters in the stable. 

The children also re-told the Nativity story through noise! The children enjoyed hooting, bleeping and twinkling along to the story. Finally, the children enjoyed having a look around the church before their walk back to school. Well done Reception, the Church were very impressed!