Building a Brighter Future

Year 2 have been practising their hammering and drilling skills in preparation for the making of bird boxes to be based around the school grounds. The bird boxes will help to attract birds and provide a safe and snug place for them to roost and nest.  They practised their hammer and drilling skills in the area where the compost is situated. This area was chosen because not only are the year group building bird boxes, they are also helping towards the preparation of the bug hotel, and where better to find bugs than in the compost area! 

This is a great area within the school as it is quiet, undisturbed and the children can really feel at one with nature.

For those who aren’t particularly familiar with the names of tools, the children used a Scotch Eyed Auguar (a very large drill) to make holes in an offcut of sleeper, ready for the bug hotel. 

Eventually the hotel will be based in the corner of the school grounds near the Year 1 classes. 

All the children showed very good hand to eye co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills and were really enthusiastic about the whole aspect of becoming home builders, 

Some of the children even came up with names for the bug hotel – ‘Hotel Bugsylvania’ and ‘BH99’ the BH standing for Bug Hotel.

What a great job Year 2! And thank you Miss Weston!