Science in Year 2

Year 2 have been testing materials to see which would be best for the Three Little Pigs to build their houses out of now that it’s getting wet and wintery outside. They had to test how waterproof and how strong different materials were and decide which material would work best. Then they had to explain to the pigs why they had made their choice.

Testing whether glass was waterproof

and wood…



Results were recorded

And there were many different ideas after the experiment. 

“Wood would be best because it is strong and waterproof”

“I think that glass would be better because then the pigs will be able to see outside”

“What about metal, it is waterproof and super strong”

After a lot of discussion, it was decided that actually, the pigs would need a range of materials to build their house with, but everyone agreed that paper and fabric were no good for building with!