Table Cricket Comes To Winton

Table Cricket is another new sport that has been offered to some year four and five children on a Thursday morning this term. This is an opportunity for children to practice their striking skills and gain confidence in hitting a ball in different directions. Played on a table tennis table there are side panels and sliding fielders placed around the table to create an arena. A small ball and ramp are used to bowl, and a wooden bat enables players to score runs, simulating a game of cricket (see picture). TJ from year five explained what he liked about the game, ‘I think it is something different and is really fun, I like it because you get to score lots of points if your good at aiming for the numbers on the table’. Rob Newton from Dorset Cricket has been coaching the children and has been very impressed with their enthusiasm and engagement in the acticity. 

Table Cricket is one of a host of sports the PE specialist team are offering every Thursday along with Futsal, Cardio-Tennis and year one Multi-Skills with Bournemouth University students.