Discovery World investigation!

The children have been exploring the new and exciting things in Discovery World over the past 2 weeks. Discovery World has linked to our new topic of autumn. The children were very excited to find Discovery World had been frozen! Items from outside had been trapped in ice. How did they get there? The children explored with magnifying glasses and torches to see if they could find any evidence! They created some fantastic narratives about how polar bears had frozen the items.

The children then experimented with how they were going to get the objects out. They came up with some fantastic ideas including melting, digging and even eating it (though we didn’t try the last option!). They decided on digging the items out, and found some plastic spoons. The children found it too hard at first, ‘It’s frozen solid!’ they said. After a while the ice started to melt, and the children rescued the items. Throughout the activity the children worked on their fine motor skills by digging out items, great job!

The children have also had fun exploring the autumnal feely boxes. They have been brave this week to put their hands in and feel the different items inside the boxes. We have had some fantastic discussions around what might be in the box, what it might be made of and where it might have come from. They have also created some fantastic descriptions which they have written up and put around Discovery World. 

Finally the children explored the light box. The children steered the learning by choosing items from their play to place on the light box. The children were amazed to see how placing items on top of the light changed their properties. We are excited to continue exploring the exciting things that are coming up in Discovery World, including using metal detectors, maps and controllers. Super work Reception. J