Wonderful Writing in Reception

The children in Reception have only been in school for around 6 weeks and already they are busy writing! 

Every day we have a funky fingers session where we play with different activities that develop the strength in our hands. For example dough disco, screwing bolts onto nuts, peg boards and snipping paper to name but a few. We also have been practising writing letters in these Funky Finger sessions. Cherry Class were so confident at their writing that they even asked to write the Tricky Word “the”. This is especially tricky as you have to write it joined up!! (This helps the spelling to become muscle memory.)

Have a look at their wonderful attempts! 

We then moved onto writing the Tricky Word “no” and the decodable word “cat”.

Also have a look at the amazing writing they have done in their books. We are all so proud of their achievements in such a short space of time. Well done!