PE in Year 1

Starting this week Year 1 have been lucky enough to be joined by sports students from Bournemouth University.  They will be helping us develop our fundamental movement skills by teaching us a range of different multiskill games to develop our co-ordination, balance and control when moving. 

Today we thought about different ways of moving when dribbling a ball or throwing and catching a ball. We also thought about how to stop the football in different ways using different parts of our body. 

We developed our under arm passing to a partner and had to have our hands ready to catch the ball. It was really important that we always looked at the ball. 

We thought about our body position and different ways we could aim for and hit a target.

We also had to look where we were going and use good control with the ball, keeping it clise to our fit so we did not hit any cones when dribbling around the space. We found that very tricky. 

We had a lot of fun and are really looking forward to next week’s session.