Free flow day!

On Monday the children in Reception were introduced to free flow learning. This very exciting day consisted of the children visiting all the different worlds we have in Reception. The children had a fun-filled day full of new resources, technologies and materials to explore! From now on the children can visit any world they like during our Let’s Learn time, they include; Discovery World, Story Land, Arty Crafty Land and Building World. 

The children firstly visited discovery world, they completed lots of experiments, used technology and explored the natural resources on offer. As a class we carried out an experiment using skittles and hot water! The children predicted what might happen, we then carried out the experiment and finally we have kept notes on what we think might happen next! The children were very excited when all the colour ran out of the skittles and made a rainbow. We then looked at making an eruption with baking soda and vinegar. They predicted correctly as the mixture erupted into white foam! 

The classes also had so much fun visiting Arty crafty land. We explored colour mixing by painting our hands, different textures in Miss Dyke’s box of wonder and also marble painting! They have made some lovely creations which have gone up in Miss Dyke’s art gallery!

The children also visited Building world on free flow day. The children took on the roles of builders, architects and designers! We explored zoobs, lego, building blocks and also Grimms Rainbow. The children used their fine and gross motor skills to build towers and create patterns. They also created narratives as they role played in their respective characters. The children also did a fantastic job of clearing up the building site before we left!

Lastly we ventured into Story land. The children explored a sensory story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt!’ This involved the children stomping in the mud, splashing in the water and swooshing through a snow storm! The children then had time to make up their own stories using the different story telling toys available. They came up with some fantastic stories about; the jungle, dolls, cooking and lots more!

The children had a fantastic time and are now very excited to be brave and explore the new worlds again independently! Super work everyone!