Bug Hunt

As part of Year Two’s topic, “How Do They Survive?” all four classes were visited by two representatives from the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). The children learnt that the society is interested in all British wildlife and were challenged to go on a bug blitz to find as many different creatures as they could. Is Winton a haven for wildlife they were asked? The children were very excited to find out.
They worked in groups and used magnifying glasses, collecting pots and most popular of all binoculars.

The children wasted no time in finding signs of creatures such as footprints and nibbled leaves. However, most excitement was created when creatures were collected and observed.

A large white sheet was placed on the ground then the bush above shaken until lots of different things fell onto it. Everybody was amazed to see how many creatures there were in amongst the leaves and twigs.

Once they were identified and counted, the information was carefully recorded and the creatures returned to their habitats.

A fantastic time was had by all in the sunshine and the children learnt that the school grounds are a paradise for bugs and other wildlife. Good work Year Two.