Year 6 step back in time!

As part of our topic work on World War Two, the Y6 children travelled back in time to visit a real air raid shelter- complete with most children also making an excellent effort with WW2 costumes! The children had a fabulous time on a walking tour of Winton, where they were able to learn about Winton’s history and where local air raid offices and shelters were situated. The tour reached its destination at Talbot Heath School, where the children proudly and sensibly represented Winton.

Whilst in the shelter, the children were asked to imagine what it would have felt like to be in such conditions, as this will would be the stimulus of their diary entry writing that started on return to Winton. It was evident that the children felt as though they experienced life from a child’s perspective due to the ideas, emotive phrases and conversations that were heard by the teachers on the way back to school.