Marvellous Marwell

The weather was perfect for Year 2’s trip to Marwell Zoo. However,  before the children even got to the Zoo there was great excitement as they  got to watch Paddington 2 on the coach.  On arrival at the zoo there was a buzz of anticipation as the children discussed which animal or animals they were looking forward to seeing the most. Many of the children were hoping to see the giraffes and penguins.

As it was such a hot day the children were encouraged to spend time in the shade and out of the sun, which is easy at Marwell as it has some beautiful plants and trees to hide amongst.

Some of the year group had a picnic outside the magnificent Marwell Hall with a view of the zebras grazing in the field opposite.

The children were surprised at how tall the giraffes were and amazed at the size of the rhinos and how prehistoric they looked.

It was an exciting day and Year 2 had found out lots about the animals before their visit, so were a very knowledgeable year group and extremely keen to see the animals in real life!

What a great day the children had!