A most historic day!

Recently year five students visited one of the most amazing and inspiring castles in England and certainly one of the best historic sites in Dorset. Corfe Castle has a rich and interesting history dating back to William the Conqueror. The children were treated to a guided tour conducted by one of the amazing National Trust volunteer tour guides. They were taken through the ages, from the construction of the castle right up to the destruction. 

They were amazed to discover that the castle was never actually taken in battle but instead, a tale of betrayal led to the fall of Corfe. Some of the children even got to re-enact the tale! The splendid views from the top brought gasps of amazement from the children as did the point at which they were informed that they were standing at the bottom of a medieval toilet (although that brought about gasps of disgust!).

Murder holes, castle shapes and daily life were also explained and it was interesting to find out that one of the most well paid jobs was that of royal toilet cleaner. This was all topped off with a pleasant lunch by the trebuget followed by placing some of our children in the stocks!