Super Scientists

In Reception we have have been carrying out an investigation to find out what plants need to grow green and healthy.  We set up different environments to test our ideas and then made observations of how the cress seeds had changed. We found out that cress that had sunlight and water grew green and healthy.

Cress that had water but no sunlight did still grow but it grew pale and weak. This is not what we thought would happen at all! 

Cress that did not have sunlight or water did not grow at all.

Cress that had sunlight but no water also did not grow at all. 

After we had learnt what plants need to grow we wrote instructions and planted sun flower seeds to take home and look after. 

We also went on a Spring walk around our school grounds. We were looking at the changes we could see from Winter to Spring. We found blossom, buds, green leaves, flowers and some insects being more active. 

We have really enjoyed being scientists and using our observation and enquiry skills to find out about growing. I wonder who’s sunflower will grow the tallest?