What is life like as a Humanist?

Following on from their introduction to Humanism, Year 5 were fortunate to receive a visit from Cathy and Susan from the Bournemouth Humanists. The whole year group gathered in the small hall to hear lots of information and facts about what Humanism is, what it is based on and what a Humanist’s beliefs are. The children really enjoyed listening to the information first-hand and they did themselves proud with their behaviour and the responses that they provided. Cathy and Susan then visited each Year 5 class in turn to allow the children to ask any specific questions that they had, that hadn’t already been answered. The children seemed to learn a lot from this experience, and since then they have continued to expand their knowledge, focussing on answering the questions ‘How do Humanists celebrate special moments in life?’ and ‘What do Humanists believe about how the world began?’