The Queen’s Handbag

In Reception we have just started our new topic about The Queen.  On Monday the children all came dressed up as a King, Queen, Prince or Princess, we even had some soldiers and some knights too.

We launched our topic with a special message from the Queen and she left us her favourite book. The children have been so excited to learn her story of how a sneaky swan stole her handbag and how she chased him the whole way across Great Britain to get it back. Over the next few weeks the children will be innovating the story to create their own versions. 

Across the week the children have been working on lots of activities in indoor and outdoor learning that relate to our topic. We have had some great fine motor work with peg boards, where the children have been busy making the four flags of Great Britain. The children have also been collecting the Queen’s Jewels from the sticky table showing good pinching skills. In the book corner the children have liked exploring the castle books and have shown us some great writing with the quill pens. 

We are all really enjoying our new topic, we are looking forward to what we will be learning next.