Year 4 Launch – A Walk on the Wild Side

Year 4 had a fantastic launch for our new topic – A Walk on the Wild Side. 

Everyone came dressed as an animal for the day, including the teachers! Mrs Browne was a zebra, Miss Bessant was a giraffe, Mrs Brown was a cat and Miss Arundel was a ladybird. 

The teachers had hidden some animal fact cards in strategic places around the field and playground. The children were then given the task of hunting down the cards in order to answer a series of questions.


We had a great time creating a human food web. This consisted of each child being given an organism within a forest ecosystem, eg. tree, earthworm, bird. The children then threw a ball of string to one another to create a web.  We each throw the children had to explain how one was linked to another within the ecosystem. Once every child was connected we began to remove organisms and saw how the ecosystem was affected. The children were really surprised at how one small change can cause the ecosystem to break down, eg. no soil leads to no earthworms which leads to no birds etc. 

The children had a choice of activity through the afternoon, the favourite was definitely the bug hunt!

However, they also had lots of fun doing activities such as sketching scales and fur, camouflaging animals around the classroom and even making a set of Year 4 animal top trumps!