How do plants grow?

The children in Reception have been learning about how animals and people stay healthy. Jasper, from the story Jasper’s Beanstalk has been avidly watching their learning and popped into class with a challenge for the children. He also brought along his friend Enquiry Man, who loves to find out about things. Jasper and Enquiry Man challenged the children to find out about how plants grow and what they need to grow. They also asked the children to grow and look after a plant in their classroom, which can then be planted outside in the Reception Garden when the weather is warmer.


The children had 6 choices of plant to choose from and votes were cast. The results were Cherry Class voted for Begonias-

(Miss Churchward is happy with this choice and they are really easy to keep and don’t need dead heading!)

Plum Class chose Marigolds-

Apple Class chose Busy Lizzies-

Finally Pear Class chose Petunia-

Miss Churchward is going to go shopping over the Easter holiday to buy each class their plant and also a few other things to grow, which will be a surprise for the children. Keep a look out for more blog posts from Reception with updates on how the growing is going.