Fine and Gross Motor Skills

In Reception we have been really proud of the children for all of their learning in the indoor and outdoor areas recently. 

We always push the children to choose challenges based on fine and gross motor skills. Fine Motor skills work on using their hands to make small movements such as pinching or gripping things. Gross motor skills are bigger movements to help with core mobility, both of these types of movements help the children in preparation for writing, it is vital that they are able to master both. 

This week has seen the children doing some great fine motor acitivies 




We got the children doing lots of different forms of threading, from making necklaces to making patterns on small sticks. We also have been looking at sequences in Maths and asked them to make a colour pattern using the peg boards. Using tweezers is a tricky one, getting the children to pinch them between their fingers and sort the objects into small bowls, transfering them across the table. The hardest challenge this week was to follow a pattern using wool, the children showed great fine motor skills by carefully pinching it between their fingers and laying it down, during this we also saw some nice team work to stop their wool from moving.

Outside we saw some great gross motor skills too. 




We saw some great large writing, getting the children to trace over numbers and letters to help with their number and letter formation. The children loved our tricky word challenge this week, they had to read the words out loud before throwing their beanbags into the hoops. With our new story being ‘Mrs Wishy Washy’ we got the children using the big brushes to clean out all of the cooking toys, this showed us they could use both big and small objects together. 

Keep up the super work Reception!!