Ahoy! Pirate Adventure

Year 1 had a fantastic time visiting Poole Museum as part of their topic ‘Where is my Treasure?’. They really impressed the staff at Poole Museum with their knowledge of Harry Paye, Black Beard and Anne Bonney. The children were recruited by the Captain of the ship and quickly had to learn to be pirates!

They began by exploring the contents of a Treasure Chest, finding a real cannon ball, a snake skin, a large conch shell and other pirate treasures.

Next, it was time for the recruitment process. The Captains shouted ‘are you ready?’ and the pirates had to respond ‘aye aye captain!’ They worked together to winch up the anchor and lift the sail, listening carefully to the instructions from their Captain and singing as they worked.

Once the pirates had been trained in lifting the sails and winching the anchor, they had to practise being on look out! They were asked by their Captain to look out for the stormy seas ahead!

Once all the pirates had been trained, they all jumped aboard and began sailing the stormy seas! Well done Year 1!