Year 2 Visit to Sea City Southampton.

To land our exciting topic ‘All Aboard’ Year 2 went to the Sea City museum in Southampton. 

The children took part in activities which taught them more about life on the Titanic and why it samk.

The children dressed up!

The Ship’s Look Out Archie Jewell

The Ship’s Captain Edward J Smith

Third Class passenger 

First Class Passenger  

Learning with artefacts.

Can you spot the hair tongs?

Making decisions. Who should go on the life boat?

Naming the rooms on the Titanic by picture and smell!

This one wasn’t too bad. Not like the cheesy sock smell of the gymnasium!

Testing why the Titanic sank.

Finally they took a tour around the Titanic museum.

Luca found his great grandfather’s uncle’s name on the crew board because he was the third officer Herbert Pitman.

Learning how to stoke the boilers, steer the ship and relax on deck.

A fantastic day with lots of fun and learning. ‘The best school trip ever!’