Year 3 Code with Dot and Dash

In their computing lessons this term, Year 3 have been coding with our new Dot and Dash Robots. The robots (14 of each) are connected to iPads via Bluetooth and controlled through four different apps. The app which we have been using is called ‘Blocky‘. It allows the children to control their robot using blocks of code, very much like the ‘Scratch‘ programming language which they often use in other coding lessons. Dash robots can move, change colour, make eye patterns, make noises, and record/play sound and sense distance from objects.They can also react to each other and to Dots, which do the same sort of things except move.

The children spent three weeks working through a variety of challenges built into the app and then, in the fourth week, they had to apply what they had learnt so far to make Dash knock over three cups in a row by approaching them from the side. Children worked in pairs and I was pleased with the excellent discussion, modelling, problem solving and computational thinking that occurred throughout the half term.