Watch out! Captain Greedy Pants is about!

As part of this term’s topic about pirates, year 1 have been learning the story of Captain Greedy Pants, the notorious pirate, who went into year 1 during the night and stole lots of our treasure. The children thought of actions that they could use to help them learn the story and retell it from memory.

Then they wrote it in their books using their phonics knowledge and best handwriting.

Well done everyone.

Next it was time to plan their own version of the story by first thinking of a new character to replace the captain.

After a lot of discussion, the children chose monsters, mermaids, princesses, witches, superheroes and stormtroopers. Afterwards, they chose different treasure that their character might steal from school such as fruit, water bottles and even teachers! Who was going to save the day and catch the thief at the end of the story: Mr Magrath, a dinosaur, a wizard? Everyone is so excited to write and share their new fantastic stories next week.