AC Academy Spectacular

After months of preparation and hard work, Year 5 were ready to take to the stage for the AC Academy Lighthouse Theatre choir performance. After a final rehearsal at the lighthouse, watching eager parents file into the audience and one last vocal warm up the concert was ready to begin! The children entertained the audience with a range of songs from a variety of musical genres, including musical theatre, pop, folk, gospel and music from around the world. Highlights from the performance included What shall we do with the drunken sailor and Gary Barlow’s Sing.

The children loved learning and performing songs in different languages such as A Keelie, a Ghanian chant and Si Si Si, a Congalese song. They also had to work hard to learn different gospel songs which they had to perform together in a contrapuntal harmony. Rehearsal for the songs over the year has helped to embed singing as a regular part of school life at Winton.

The children represented Winton Primary school fantastically, with their beautiful singing, incredible performance skills and perfect behaviour. Very well done!