Help – I want mummy!

This post could be called “I want mummy” or Egyptian Day Part 1.  Once breakfast was finished we moved quickly onto the main business of this residential, Egyptian Day.  Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Egypt and the staff at Hooke Court had planned a whole day of activities to teach the children more about life in Ancient Egypt.  To begin with we got dressed in our costumes and then broke into groups to take part in three activities.  The first activity was to see mummy, not the nice type that we were missing whilst away but the Ancient Egyptian type.  We re-entered the tomb that some children had visited last night and saw a mummy laid out before us…

Then we learnt how to make a mummy, in quite gruesome detail.

First you have to make an incision down the body in order to get the vital organs out (except the heart).  We had a willing volunteer who agreed to be mummified.

Then the body has to be washed in palm wine.

Then washed in water from the River Nile before being bandaged and having artefacts laid in between the layers.

After learning about mummification we then went outside to use clay to make canopic jars to keep the vital organs in!  It was a freezing cold day at Hooke Court but the children kept going really well and had a lot of fun as well as learning an amazing number of new Egyptian facts!

This was one of three activities that the children took part in today and so there will be three parts to this evening’s blogs – all being well.  The pictures are of a different group for each of the activities so you should see most children in one of the posts.  However internet went down here this afternoon so we are uploading from a phone hotspot at the moment so there are no guarantees!  Apologies we couldn’t get anything up earlier it has been a very busy day and with no internet we have had a bit of a challenge!