Cook like Ancient Egyptians

The final of the three activities that children undertook today was to cook a variety of recipes from Ancient Egyptian times.  Some children made “sweets” from dried fruit, honey and spice.  Others made savoury and sweet breads and bean patties.  They looked first at how the Egyptian people had a very different lifestyle to modern times and it was much more difficult for them to get food than it is today.  The recipes the children used were authentic but the utensils were mostly modern day rather than from ancient times.  They thoroughly enjoyed the activity though and got to taste their cooking later in the day.

So that is what Year 4 got up to today!  This evening they swapped with last night’s group and did either camp fire or tomb paintings.  Then it was a quick hot chocolate before some very tired adventurers retired to bed.  Unsurprisingly they dropped off to sleep a lot quicker tonight (some started asking if it was bedtime about 10am) so I hope the staff will also get to enjoy a well deserved restful night!  Tomorrow we have one more very exciting activity planned before we pack up and head home.  Get the showers running and the beds made – see you tomorrow!